Murmichan Scottish Absinthe

Murmichan Scottish Vert Absinthe distilled by Lost Loch Spirits,

the Cairngorms, Scotland. 64% 50 CL Bottle.

3 (2)

This being my first foray into absinthe reviewing and being brought up in Scotland I’m proud to be reviewing Scotland’s first green absinthe (Launched in 2017) which is distilled by Peter Dignan and Richard Pierce of the Lost Loch Distillery near the Cairngorms mountain range, Deeside in Scotland.  It was hard to buy online as and a lot of UK sites do not ship to Ireland unless you live in Northern Ireland.  But Whisky Exchange in London does and the 50 CL bottle retails at £39.25 GBP pounds by the time shipping and VAT was added it came to £59.00 pounds but then again you would pay that for fairly mediocre Spanish, French or Hapsburg absinthe in Galway and Dublin anyway.  Well on with the review.

Uncorking the bottle and pouring a few drops into the glass to taste neat, I found it immediately delicious, it had a nice smoked taste reminding me slightly of Laphroaig single malt, the absinthe has a grain base and some of the herbs used probably goes into whisky too, other taste sensations were of wormwood, fennel, hyssop, bramble leaves, heather flowers, mint and honey.  Very pleasant neat and the alcohol very subtle.

A louched glass of Murmichan Absinthe.

Adding iced spring water through a brouiller sitting on top of the glass packed with ice, the louche has a lovely effect, turning opaque green with slight orange overtones.  The smell is now more enhanced, a floral banquet, honey, brambles, heather flower, mint, lemon thyme or citrus balm and at the core of the absinthe,  herbs anise, wormwood, fennel and hyssop blending into a lovely mix with water from spring wells in the Cairngorms.  Mouthfeel is creamy and fruity with the smoked taste, honey and fruity and minty herbs coating the tongue.  Finish is a knowing happy grin fifteen minutes after draining the glass so that is a yes from me.

Lost Loch Spirits also make two other products Haroosh bramble whisky and EeNoo gin which you can check all their products here.

Nose – smell and taste     5/5

Colour – yellowish green natural 5/5

Louche with water added   3.5/5

Mouthfeel     4.5/5

Finish      5/5





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